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Tamrac Backpack Coeur D Alene ID

Here in this article is a review of Tamrac 5242 Adventure 2 Photo BackPack. If you are fans of cameras and want to know more about this camera backpack, keep on reading to know the details.

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Tamrac Backpack

Tamrac 5242 Adventure 2 Photo BackPack Review

Reader Score: 6.14 (out of 10)
"Finding a suitable home for your new digital SLR and lenses isn't as easy as you might think. Maybe I'm unusual, but when I travel with my camera, I really dislike standard-issue camera bags. While I was growing up, I remember my photo-enthusiast dad carried a large, hard-bodied shoulder case that blared to the world, "Hi, I'm a tourist: See all the nice camera gear I have with me?" Even though it was a black box, the case's design somehow screamed out that it was housing camera equipment. When I travel, be it domestically or internationally, I don't like advertising to everyone around me that I'm carrying a bag full of equipment: As a native New Yorker, that kind of conspicuousness is just the sort of thing you learn to avoid.

This lightweight bag is more compact than the Orion Trekker II, but it's also more manageable in its physical size (you won't feel awkward with this one if you're standing in a crowded subway car). Plus, it has a bunch of easy access pockets, and can accommodate a DSLR, and two lenses in its lower section; the upper, zip-up section is freeform, so you can put anything in you'd like." ...

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