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Snap Art Software Kailua HI

Here in this article is the brief introduction to Alien Skin Snap Art Plug-In as well some comments on it. If you are interested in this software, keep on reading and you will know more about it.

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Snap Art Software

The Review Whenever I read other reviews I always try to "read between the lines" to decide what I think the reviewer is really saying. It is amazing how many reviewers will delicately try to use the right words or sentences in order to avoid saying what they really feel about a product. I, myself, am probably guilty of this at one point or another, but I typically do try to write what I'm feeling.

With that said, when I first started to evaluate Snap Art I really wasn't impressed. The user interface, while easy to use, is also pretty slow and some of the effects are no more artistic (just different) than the ones that are included with Adobe Photoshop at no extra charge. Though what really concerns me about this package is the $149.00 price tag. Based on the price I am assuming that Alien Skin truly feels that their product is head and shoulders above other paint-style filters and that professionals will find $149.00 a steal. My personal opinion is that Snap Art is overpriced, at least if the intended audience is the average consumer. Since price helps determine value and value is a measure of usefullness or importance to the user - only you can really decide whether Snap Art is priced right - for you!

The good news is that Snap Art does have a few filters that I believe are very realistic - but since I'm not an oil, watercolor or sketch artist do I really know this for sure? Am I even qualified to do a review on a program that is supposed to make your photos look like works of hand painted or hand drawn art? Probably not, but I have enlisted the critical eye of my girlfriend who just happens to be an artist. With her help I feel I am ready to tackle this review.

Image Quality

The most important aspect of an art program like this is the quality of its artistic effects. Regardless of speed, price, or any other criteria - if a natural-media software program doesn't deliver realistic results then nothing else really matters.

My opinion about the effects are mixed. Comic, Impasto, Pointillism, and the Oil Painting effects seem to offer the most realism - consistently delivering what I felt were 'realistic' (or 'creative' in the case of the Comic filter) paint styles regardless of the photo that I threw at it. I really liked the Pencil Sketch effect as well, especially when I selected to use charcoal instead of pencil, but results varied widely depending on the photograph used. It seemed that images with strong contrast worked best with all of the pen and pencil filters. Of the ten filters provided my least favorite were the Pastel, Pen and Ink, and Watercolor, though I did find a few images where the watercolor effect looked pretty good. I'm sure with the right image and settings most of these filters can offer acceptable results, just not always on the image you were hoping for.

Filters and Sample Images

Since art is subjective and results will vary based on the image selected, I thought it was important to show some samples...

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