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SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB Memory North Haven CT

Looking for SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB Memory in North Haven? We have compiled a list of businesses and services around North Haven that should help you with your search. We hope this page helps you find SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB Memory in North Haven.

Newtec America Inc
(203) 323-0042
1250 Summer
Hamden, CT
Opus Audio Video Interiors
(203) 498-0407
85 Willow St
New Haven, CT
Cougar II Electronics Corporation
(203) 562-6545
10 Lyman St
New Haven, CT
Space Link Satellite Systems
(203) 466-2300
325 Townsend Ave
New Haven, CT
Dynamic Tv Service
(203) 624-3640
2 Orange Ave
New Haven, CT
Elwin Television Incorporated
(203) 776-9123
1935 State St
Hamden, CT
(203) 387-7879
527 Elm St
New Haven, CT
Sirius Statelite Radio Incorporated
(203) 752-9056
310 Orange St
New Haven, CT
Central Electronics Incorporated
(203) 777-0003
774 State St
New Haven, CT
Presenation Service
(203) 777-3612
155 Temple St
New Haven, CT

SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB Memory Review at Cameratown.com

SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB Memory Review

Reader Score: 7.80 (out of 10)
Review: "Some very interesting things can fly under a reviewer's radar. SanDisk's Secure Digital card with a split personality is one of them. It's been around for a year and half, but that just means you can find it at your favorite vendor by now (and you may even have saved up enough for it, too). What is it again? Oh, it's a combination SD card and USB flash drive.

Here we have 1.0-GB of storage as small as a thumbnail that can slip into a camera, PDA, MP3 player or whathaveyou and still funtion exactly like a USB thumb drive. And, it's fast. Taking the old 150KB/sec CD standard as 1x speed, the SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus USB is a 60x card, reading 10-MB a second and writing 9-MB a second. And SanDisk gives you a lifetime limited warranty, too. But then, whose lifetime isn't limited?" ...

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